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  • "Working with Rebelution’s Wesley Finley as producer, “Rise” serves as a prime example of the SoCal rock-forward reggae that Rebelution has championed for well over a decade. Pop accessibility meets conscious, relatable lyrics, showing us a version of The Olés that is stronger than ever."


The Pier:

  • "Wes told The Pier that he became friends with The Olés through a mutual friend while living in Santa Barbara,: “It was charming to see a new generation of bands still doing the Isla Vista thing and carrying the torch so to speak.” He goes on to describe the band as ambitious and professional with a different sound.


TopShelf Reggae:

  • The Olés are so much more than just a reggae rock band. They also have influences of hip-hop, funk, and blues. The kind of music you put on while cruising to the beach at sunset to catch a couple waves.


Santa Barbara Independent:

  • “Of the many promising West Coast reggae hybrid bands to rise out of Isla Vista, few have shone so brightly or grown as strongly as The Olés. […] With Rise, they show they’re a musical powerhouse with which to be reckoned.”

  • "Looking to follow in the footsteps of established reggae bands Iration and Rebelution, The Olés have emerged from Isla Vista as a genre hybrid, ready to take the West Coast by storm."

  • "Like their internationally famous predecessors, today’s generation of I.V.-born artists, including The Olés, [...] draw on the people, environment, and ethos of the community to produce music."